I am loving the OU Mooc ‘Start Writing Fiction’ and every day I’m rushing to the computer to do the next bit. This week though has been less satisfactory somehow. It may be because I am feeling re-motivated so I’m starting to feel anxious about time spent doing anything other than working on my novel idea. I’m also getting a bit jaded with the emphasis on character. It’s as though genre, plot, structure don’t exist. Maybe that’s overstating it. But according to the designers of the course, all seem to be subordinate to character.

Having said that, it has been useful to be required (forced being too strong a word) to create characters from prompts, or from notes in my notebook. The key experience here has been noticing my own reactions of distaste at seeing a rather unattractive person in the home of a relative. Instead of just putting that to one side, I wrote something in the notebook, and that note became a prompt for a character who is waiting to have a book written about him. So it’s working!